August 6, 2014

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For mother’s day this year I chose to spoil myself. It doesn’t really matter to me that I am not yet a Mother. I felt it was important to treat myself anyway. One day I could possibly be a Mother (especially if Immaculate Conception takes off) and so, in the absence of said children and husband, I thought I would practice spoiling myself.

In the spirit of future motherhood I booked myself in for a “treatment” at endota day spa Rosalie. I am not a big fan of facials generally. All I can think of is “you’re touching me, you’re touching me” as the poor beauty therapist attempts to lather me with product. When there is a facial that has an outcome that is beneficial however, I’m all for it. In this case I selected the “Glycolic Peel”. I did attempt to book myself in for the “Glycemic Facial” but apparently endota doesn’t have that on the menu. The “anti-aging” one I mean. Oh the “Glycolic Peel”? Yes! That’s it! I want to look 10 years younger! But of course, and so booked in I was, all in the spirit of Mothers’ Day. Happy Mother’s Day to me!


I arrived, slightly trepidatious. I’d had time to consider what a “peel” could actually involve and my highly active imagination had taken me off to a distant place where I may, or may not, leave looking like a raw lobster. I need not have worried. I was welcomed warmly by Maggie, the owner of the spa who whisked me off to sit in the client VIP area where I was offered a lavender tea. Lavendar! How positively charming. I then had a client form to fill out with my beauty areas to focus on. Time was short so I indicated a little dry skin and desire to look younger. A lady always keeps a little mystery. I was then fortunate enough to have a little chat to the other VIP waiting for her treatment. It was her first visit to the spa and she was also in there for Mother’s Day. She had been booked in by her daughter for a “Mind Body” Treatment which sounded fabulous. For a moment I experienced treatment envy but then rallied. This was no time for relaxation, I was about to look 10 years younger! There was work to be done!


My lovely therapist Katrina collected me from the VIP Lounge. I was shown into a lovely room with mood lighting and candles. It felt a little date like as we sat down side by side and went through my “history”. Katrina was very patient as I explained my desire to look 10 years younger. She assured me that after the “glycolic peel” I would experience more suppleness and rehydration in my skin, reduced fine lines around my eyes and an evening out of the skin tone. In my minds eye I saw myself looking a little more like Cindy Crawford than before I went in. Happy Days! I also want to mention that the Glycolic acid is all NATURAL and derived from sugar cane which is a natural exfoliant and skin hydrator. Being from the land of sugar cane, Mackay, I felt a little moment coming on between myself and the peel.

The first piece of business was to assess my skin under the (cue scary music) “Skin Scanner”! The scanner provided a very close up inspection of my face. Even without my glasses it wasn’t pretty. It highlighted, in purple, my “problem” areas. Let’s just say I looked a little like Dora the Explorer. Again I rallied. This is the ‘before” shot I told myself. The “after” shot I fancied myself looking like a young Elle.


obviously this isn’t me but i like to think i looked this good.

Back into the treatment room we went. I undressed and vaulted onto the table. I was very excited by this point. I was about to lose 10 years. Oh the feeling! Katrina was very patient with me as I explained my “you’re touching me” rule. She calmed (hypnotised) me with a special inhalation of the endota perspective essential oil blend which included cinnamon, lavender, patchouli and orange. Into a mild coma I went.

The treatment itself was absolute bliss. I was cleansed twice, lathered in a granular polishing mask and cleaned with a fresh hot towel. Then came the main act. The peel! I expected a strong tingling sensation however it was very mild and didn’t interrupt my coma at all. In fact, while the peel was on I was treated to a head massage where poor Katrina almost lost both hands in the volume of curls. A treatment oil was then applied followed by a pressure point facial massage. It was utterly divine. The treatment oil was quickly followed by a cooling mask along with a hand massage. 60 minutes later the whole experience was capped off with eye cream, another treatment oil and SPF 15 moisturiser.

When shown the mirror afterwards I literally could not believe the difference in my skin. I have naturally dry skin and the skin I saw was glowing. Yes glowing. I was luminescent and no it wasn’t the perspective essential oil blend I had inhaled earlier. I was definitely sporting a healthy glow to my facial region. I didn’t look a day over 21. Outcome achieved!

As I anticipate that giving birth in the distant future is going to be a fairly traumatic experience, I had indulged in the hour long Glycolic Peel for Mothers’ Day however as I am a busy woman of the business world, there is also the 30 minute option where you can whisk in and out and still experience a deep relaxation and still gain exactly the same results.

I will definitely be returning to endota day spa at Rosalie to indulge again. I am even thinking of investing in a series of them. You can actually buy 5 glycolic peels and receive a 6th one free. That’s one for every possible child I may or may not have over the next 10 years.

If looking 10 years younger is your goal too, I’d highly recommend the experience. Treat yourself ladies, you deserve it!

Maggie & Chiquita

Maggie & I

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