April 8, 2015

image (5)Yesterday I was fortunate enough to meet Neelu of Red Carpet Face Spa in Armadale.Neelu performed some “magic” on me and so impressed was I, I am now sharing it with you.

Let me first introduce Neelu to you. Neelu has travelled the world, studying in India, London and New Zealand, before landing in Melbourne two months ago. Neelu had spent the last 8 years building two face spas in New Zealand but after deciding she wanted to experience Australian lifestyle, Neelu sold her two spas and relocated to Melbourne with her husband.

The Red Carpet Face Spa is located inside the decadent Antoinette Champagne Hair Salon in Armadale. I was awestruck by the opulence of the surroundings and thought oh my lord, I’m in for a treat here. Neelu met me at the door, shook my hand in greeting and led me to her den of decadance. I must differentiate at this point. Neelu has a face spa, not a day spa so everything she does is, you guessed it, focused on your face!

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We sat down in some beautiful chairs and proceeded to discuss my face, what it needs (Jennifer Hawkin’s cosmetic surgeon was my suggestion), it’s tendencies (it has many) and then she told me to go in and lay down. I, of course, laid face down. Because apparently, I’m an idiot.

She came in and corrected me. Face up my dear, she said. Oops! I recorrected myself and lay down. I stared up and above was a chandelier! I was delighted! I love chandeliers! Clearly a sign that my face is going to sparkle post treatment!

Neelu then took on the massive job of trying to get all my hair into a shower cap type situation. Good luck I was thinking. Neelu didn’t give up and eventually prevailed. We had decided that as I am now fighting the aging process, I was in need of something to make me look 19 again. Microdermabrasion is just the thing Neelu assured me.

I was clueless as to what it really involved so googled it when I came home. Below is the definition.



a cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals to remove dead epidermal cells.

Neelu began. I must be honest. I’m not a fan of facials normally. I’m generally thinking to myself, oh my lord you’re touching me, you’re touching me and squirm under the layers of cream or whatever else is being lathered on my face. This one didn’t make me feel like that. Neelu explained everything she was going to do before she would do it and then made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. Which I was.

We chatted. Neelu explained that she has many young women in their 20’s come to her and they have many insecurities about how they look. She said they are beautiful young women, but are so concerned with all the small lines (often barely noticeable) on their face that they are considering botox and collagen to help them “feel” more attractive.

Neelu compares the skin of our face to a carpet. If you look after your carpet, you won’t need a new one. It will just need the occasional clean. Women don’t look after their carpets and then want all manner of invasive work to correct it but it will never have that glowing or youthful look again. Their carpet is ruined. Perhaps this thought process was behind the name of her salon “Red Carpet Face Spa”? I will need to confirm upon my return!

The microdermabrasion was really interesting. After the initial creams, Neelu got out what felt like a little miniature vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming my face with it. It was such a strange sensation but oddly pleasant. It tickled! So I suppose this is also why her analogy to a carpet works. If you vacuum your carpet regularly you won’t need to change it! I’m all about my carpet now. It will forever remain cleaned so I never have to change it!

Although I was in mainly for a microdermabrasion treatment, Neelu fussed around me taking care of other aspects of my face as well. At one point, while hovering over my face, she told me I looked European. I immediately thought, I love this woman, we are going to be lifelong friends. She gave me a little eyebrow tidy while I had cream soaking into my skin. I had mentioned I had been to an eyebrow tattooist recently who had recommended I get my eyebrows tattooed on as I have a high forehead and need to bring the shape of my eyebrows up so it didn’t look so large. I didn’t have a high forehead complex before this point but I certainly do now. Neelu scoffed at this idea and told me if I got my eyebrows tattooed on I would constantly look surprised. You are so right Neelu! Pfft high eyebrows! Neelu then suggested she tint my eyebrows to give them more definition and I agreed. We initially went medium but then we thought, to hell with it, let’s go dark! So I now have dark eyebrows which are quite striking against such a fine European palette. 😉

Neelu must have noticed I had some errant blonde hairs on my top lip. I had never noticed these before but to be honest I had never looked for them either. She quickly got out some thread and started threading with gusto. I’m not going to lie ladies. This bit did hurt a little. I have a low pain threshold though and it wasn’t any worse than waxing which I subject myself to regularly. I grinned and bared it. I’m a soldier like that! And I was so grateful that Neelu cared enough about my top lip to trim the hedge.

Then we decided to tint my eyelashes to finish off the effect. Come at me thick dark lashes! My eyes are a bit sensitive so this wasn’t as smooth sailing but Neelu was extremely attentive and ensured I was as comfortable as I could be through this process.

Neelu applied cream to my neck and face as I was waiting for my eyelashes to cook. When she was done I felt like a million dollars. My skin was glowing and I was relaxed. Neelu then offered me a lemon and jasmine tea to finish off the experience. In my element I was!

image (9)I think I enjoyed the experience so much because Neelu is incredibly passionate about helping women feel beautiful in their own skin and part of this is helping them maintain their skin so it retains its youthful glow. She has priced and timed her treatments so that career women, who are time poor and have many commitments, can whip in and out in half an hour and come on a regular basis without having to sell their first born. The microdermabrasion I received is only $65! I honestly thought it would sit around the $130 mark especially given the surrounds and the experience. The eye trio which includes the eyebrow tidy, eyebrow tint and eyelash tint is only $39! Again, I found this incredibly affordable and you can maintain yourself naturally without the addition of cosmetic enhancement at such a low cost.

And she has this amazing deal! I’m sold!

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I think the last facial I got was literally two years ago. Pampering myself is not something I think about very often and yesterday I was reminded of how good it feels. I would highly recommend popping into see Neelu at Red Carpet Face Spa for a beautiful experience without the high price tag. Get to it ladies! Treat yourself! We both know you’ve earned it!

And remember, a tip from Neelu to you…take care of your carpet ladies, it’s the only one you have!

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