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    February 14, 2015

    Is there anyone out there who owns a business which is not going very well at the moment and who’s afraid to tell people? Afraid to ask for help? Afraid to acknowledge that your business may not actually be working and it quite possibly could be very close to the finish line?

    Yes? Yes. I’ve been there. It’s terrible. Terrifying. Humiliating. There’s guilt involved at the time and money invested into this endeavour which looks like it’s going down the drain. And fear. Good old fear. Fear of telling people that it’s not working, that it’s not going as well as you’ve been saying it has, that you are running out of money very quickly and the end is nigh. Oh yes. It’s happened to me.

    My label. The one that I am telling people is on “hiatus”. It’s over.Kaput. Finished. Done. It’s one big failure and I have been embarrassed to tell people that. I have been waxing lyrical that my role as CEO with the League of Extraordinary Women is the reason why I have put it on “hiatus”. It’s not the real reason. There are a couple in fact. Continue Reading

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    That’s right folks, I tweaked. Not a lot, just a little, but it made all the difference. I returned last week from spending 6 weeks in Central QLD with my family. I am in…

    August 12, 2014