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    August 12, 2014
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    That’s right folks, I tweaked. Not a lot, just a little, but it made all the difference.

    I returned last week from spending 6 weeks in Central QLD with my family. I am in the fortunate position where my role with the League of Extraordinary Women allows me to work from wherever I am as long as I am in possession of a laptop and internet connection. Fortunately for me, Central QLD has wifi. So off I went for six weeks. The first week was annual leave because frankly I was losing the plot.

    Since February I had been making some foolish choices. I was prioritising work above everything including my health, exercise, “me” time and any form of relaxation and it had begun to take its toll. I was anxious, not sleeping well at night, constantly checking my emails on my iPhone while away from my computer and essentially never being “off-line”. Being someone who genuinely loves what I do, I hadn’t seen this as an issue. I saw this behaviour as “necessary” to grow the League, that I had to put in the “hard yards” to take it to the next level and that I could take some time off “when the business was ready”.

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