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Chiquita Searle is anything but ordinary – former GM of Australia’s largest community for female entrepreneurs, the League of Extraordinary Women, she is dedicated to empowering women to live fearlessly through her message of independence and determination.

As an ambitious woman in her twenties, Chiquita thought she had it all figured out; the high paying job, the relationship, the house; all “life goals” which should have made her feel fulfilled. But as she climbed higher and higher up the corporate ladder a feeling of emptiness overtook her.

Keen to fill the void Chiquita became ‘a nightmare’ employee, quitting jobs soon after starting, constantly adding to her CV with impressive but meaningless qualifications, setting up businesses only to see them fail. A never ending battle to achieve “success” only to find that nothing seemed to work. Because as she discovered, her purpose wasn’t to tick all the success boxes; it was to achieve something much bigger than herself.

Soon, the fear of being average overtook the fear of being broke, and so the journey towards empowering and leading Australia’s biggest collective of female entrepreneurs began.

Leading and engaging with passionate and successful women from all walks of life, Chiquita has now discovered the common traits of success that unite the majority of women she works with; certainty, fearlessness, independence and financial smarts and having launched her own successful fashion label she certainly walks her talk.

Now a TEDx Alumni Chiquita delivers dynamic and insightful keynotes on leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship for both female and male audiences. Her clear takeaways; from developing an entrepreneurial action plan, to the power of ownership are transforming boardrooms around the country.

Her vision is big; to mobilize a generation of women into action with the tools to get to their purpose a little quicker, with momentum and a clear plan of attack, and she is achieving this, one transformative keynote at a time.

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